Roastville Coffee

2 August, 2015

Roastville Coffee

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Romanesco cauliflower with harissa butter, pomegranate and riberries
Romanesco cauliflower with harissa butter, pomegranate & riberries   30 July, 2015

Almost too pretty to eat, this is one vegetable dish that’ll brighten up any table

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Cape Town, South Africa - by heneedsfood
Cape Town, a snapshot   29 July, 2015

Saying farewell to Cape Town with a bunch of pictures

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Flour Drum, Newtown - by heneedsfood blog
Flour Drum Newtown   26 July, 2015

Loving this new cafe in my neighbourhood

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Harissa - by heneedsfood
Harissa paste & harissa butter   22 July, 2015

A versatile condiment that packs a little punch. And so easy to make!

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Newcastle Ocean Baths - by heneedsfood
40 hours in Newcastle   19 July, 2015

40 hours well-spent in the port city of Newcastle

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Malva pudding tart - heneedsfood blog
Malva pudding tart   17 July, 2015

What happens when a malva pudding is dressed as a tart? Something pretty damn tasty

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