Holy Cow

Fine Indian on Crown Street

The older you get, the faster each year seems to go. I honestly believe that. Next week is Christmas and yet another year is about to become the past. Where the hell does it all go?

Our annual work dinner has also come around, existing staff and this years casuals take a seat and pop a few corks and crackers and get ready for the final crazy Christmas rush. Choice of venue always seems a challenge and the final decision happens to be Holy Cow in Cleveland Street's little India. Mr K. and I have only tried two other Indian places in this precinct, neither of which were crash hot, so I was hoping for a change of tune. I've seen the restaurant, had recommendations and even read its menu thoroughly yet just never got there. The time has come.

A few of us were already lubed up with a pre-dinner drink from the pub across the road and I'm sure I heard a couple of stomaches rumbling while chatting and watching Beyonce clips on the flat screen. Drink up kids, it's time to eat.

It wasn't long before everyone arrived and the very attentive wait people settled us in and scattered menus. I kind of knew what I'd wanted already, thanks to previewing the menu online. Just about everything sounds great.

Thanks to having a large group we could have a taste of other dishes ordered. I already knew how good the pistachio chicken (16.5) was meant to be and ordered one, but changed my mind last minute when I noticed another house speciality - Holy Cow chooza (15.5). The description sounded delicious. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. Not bad, just not wow.

The pistachio chicken was amazing, though. Thanks to Mr G. ordering it for himself. Other winners were the Dal, Seekh Kebab (6.5) and the sabzi jalfrezi (12). Oh, and the palak paneer (12.5). It is like nothing I've had before. Amazing. A much looser consistency than the norm, with great chunks of creamy paneer and tomato. However the absolute star of the night was the melt-in-your-mouth shepherd's lamb curry (13). Good lord, this one was nothing short of excellent.

I can say this isn't the most authentic Indian food I've come across in this town. A little toned-down for sensitive Aussies, I think. However there are several things I really loved about this place. Not only is the food flavoursome and generous in size, but the service is warm and courteous. These guys are so friendly. Can't wait to go back.

Holy Cow 456 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills 2016
02 9698 9220
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