Workshop Espresso

Workshop Espresso


You’ve got to love this city. Turn your back for a minute and there’s something new, yet again. I’ve been on a quiet prowl for the best coffee this little town can offer me and today, I think I found it.

Wandering along George Street on the way to work after purchasing my new toy, a 50mm lens for the camera, I had to look twice to realize there was a new caff opposite our graceful QVB. What gave it away was the flurry of clientelle eagerly waiting for their t/a coffees. I even smelt the freshly ground beans over the top of freshly exhausted car fumes from the peak-hour madness streaming past me.



I had fifiteen minutes before starting work so this was good enough reason to stop for a minute and see what all this fuss was about. Thank lordie I did. There are no tables as such at his miniscule venue, just standing room or a handful of wooden stools to park your arse on while swiping back the liquid (caffeine) gold and maybe a muffin or Sonoma toast or one of the delectable baby canolli beckoning to be eaten in the cabinet.

These guys really know what they’re doing here and for a very brief moment I thought I was in, dare I say it, Melbourne.

21 July 2010 Supplement – I’ve been back here many, many times since I first discovered it and can safely say, without a doubt, these guys consistently make the best coffee in Sydney’s CBD. So good, in fact, I buy their beans to use on my machine at home. The blend is gutsy and caramel and is roasted by local roaster Toby’s Estate. If there’s a better coffee out there, I’m yet to come across it.



  • Workshop Espresso
  • Shop RG01A, The Galeries Victoria
  • 500 George Street
  • Sydney 2000
  • 02 9264 8836
  • Workshop Espresso on Urbanspoon
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