Degraves Espresso Bar

Degraves Espresso Bar

Ahh Melbourne … you’ve gotta love it. A certain Sydney urbanite is feeling pangs of envy. Envy of the dynamic little cafe’s where you’re almost guaranteed a perfect coffee. One iconic place that shines over many is located in that umbrella-strewn laneway of the same name. The decor is beaten-up art deco, dimly-lit with wooden tables and ancient theatre seats complete with springs poking in all directions and the staff wander about in civilian gear and tatt’s and treat you like a mate that has just walked into their home.

Menu-wise, all your breakfast usuals can be found on the overhead chalk board and plates of panini sit in the window, beckoning to be had with a chilled limonata or chinotto. Love the sound of some of the risotto’s and pasta’s that change as often as the weather down here.
I think the one thing that stands out the most here is the coffee. Watching the barista grind the beans as he needs them was the first sign of the perfection to come. Careful tamping, extracting, steaming and pouring resulted in one of the best coffee’s I’ve had. So good, Mr K had another one straight after. This really is coffee of perfection.
  • Degraves Espresso Bar
  • 23 Degraves Street
  • Melbourne 3000
  • 03 9054 1245
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