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The first time I came to this great Vietnamese restaurant didn't run as smoothly as I would have hoped. Thanks to the kitchen forgetting to cook my meal, I got pretty pissed (on red wine) sitting waiting for it. Mr K happily chowed down on his dinner while I sat and waited, drank, and waited and almost half an hour later and half a bottle later when I was about to query its whereabouts, the wonderful floor staff realised I'm either an alcoholic or wanted my meal, and sorted it out with profuse apology. I didn't kick up a stink, hell, I used to be a chef, I know there can be errors and communication break-downs. Shit happens. An offer of compilmentary dessert put a bigger red wine smile on my face.

It was my brothers second-last night in town so we booked a table here as the food really is quite special. We were seated at one of the balcony tables out the back away from the bustle and loud voices. Very private with a leafy outlook towards the city skyline. Nice chat, fresh air, some good vino and damn fine food.

To start we just went for the mixed entree (18) and asked if it could be tailored to accommodate the three of us. No problem. There's a selection of summer rolls, satay skewered chicken, char-grilled prawns and fried prawn wontons served with dipping sauce. Just enough to whet the appetite.

The duck salad (17.5) is simple and delicious with shredded duck meat tossed in a variety of leaves and herbs in a light traditionally-blended fish sauce dressing.

The claypot pork (17.5) is rich and aromatic and has supremely tender chunks of glistening meat flavoured with ginger, spring onion and the signature pepper spiced caramel sauce. Absolutely divine.

I can't help myself and go for the soft shell crab (23), and I'm glad I did. It was possibly one of the best I've had. Deep-fried pieces of crab coated with butter and spiced with pepper and salt and something I couldn't put my finger on. Amazing. When it comes to the price, expect to pay a few dollars more than your average Vietnamese neighbourhood eatery. We were all completely satisfied. They didn't forget me this time!

Saigon Saigon
97 Glebe Point Road
Glebe 2037
9660 3888
6pm-10.30pm 7 days

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