China – HK BBQ Restaurant, Hong Kong

China – HK BBQ Restaurant, Hong Kong

It feels like I’ve been absent for ages: away from my keyboard and updates from my fellow food paparazzi … a predetermined hiatus, really. For the last week or so I’ve been in China for work as well as a touch of play eating. I saw back to back broadcast of the devastating earthquake and even got a few concerned text messages. No, I felt no tremors. I was almost 3000 kilometres from the epicenter.

Once I landed in Hong Kong early that morning I was expecting to meet Miss B (who was meant to land an hour before me) but as soon as I turn on my phone I learn that her flight from Sydney the night before was cancelled which meant she’d get to HK later that day.

Bummer for her. This means I had almost nine hours in Hong Kong on my own. Bummer for me? Absolutely not. There’s no way I’d be sitting at the airport, waiting, while I can catch the Airport Express into town and eat my way around Tsim Sha Tsui before meeting Miss B at Hung Hom Station for our train up to Shenzhen.

Roast duck with rice at Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant HK

The last time I was in HK was with Mr K where, 3 years ago, we stumbled upon this little eatery in the back streets of Tsim Sha Tsui displaying the usual hanging ducks, geese and bbq pork. Mr K was here a couple of weeks ago for his own work trip and bragged (via text) about the meaty duck he was eating at that same place. Now it was my turn. I just had to find it and I needed some help getting there. Directions via text:

“Find the Mira Hotel on Nathan Road, turn down Kimberley Road and take the first right. It’s just past the corner.”

Too easy. I found it in no time. One problem, though. This isn’t the one we ate at 3 years ago. That one was on a steep hill on a curved road. Nevermind. I plonked my already-tired backside in one of the booths and ordered a coffee and plate of delicious roast duck with rice (30). It was only 10.30 am, the coffee was of the dreaded instant kind and the duck was absolute perfection. Thick meaty breasts, salty skin and next to no fat. A perfect start to my day in Honkers.

Noodles & shrimp dumplings at Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant HK |

I needed more. The glutton inside me needed more! Dumplings came to mind. After skimming the menu a second time I chose the stirred noodle & fresh shrimp dumplings (36). Yup, that’ll do. The egg noodles the dumplings came sitting on were nothing special. A little on the bland side.

It was the dumplings I was after, anyway, and my initial request of “can I have dumplings without noodles” created too much confusion for the lady that spoke little English and the gwailo that spoke two words of Cantonese.

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant HK

The dumplings were also delicious, packed with tasty shrimp and black fungus. As I sat there rubbing my belly, full and content, I had to figure out a plan for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn’t just waste time and wander the streets aimlessly. When I went up and paid the measly amount on the bill I took the business card for reference. Bugger. It was all in Chinese script and nobody could translate the name of the restaurant for me. That would have to wait until I get home and ask my local Chinese restaurant owner to translate it for me. This is the actual name of the restaurant:

Hong Kong BBQ, Beef Combination, Fish, Egg Noodle, Rice Noodle Restaurant

That’s why I’ve shortened the name to HK BBQ Restaurant for my post title.

So I left my first eating house and was in search of a real coffee. I desperately needed one. I slept something like 3 hours on the flight over and needed anything to keep me awake. Stay tuned for the next installment …

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant HK

Tsim Sha Tsui HK

  • Hong Kong BBQ, Beef Combination, Fish, Egg Noodle, Rice Noodle Restaurant
  • G/F, Champagne Court
  • 40 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • 2366 9893
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong


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