It's not often we head to the other side of town for some pizza. Now, when I I...

It's not often we head to the other side of town for some pizza. Now, when I say "other side of town" I mean the other end of King Street that happens to be a whopping two kilometres away. When you're tired after work, couldn't be bothered cooking, you don't have a car and there's been a $25 voucher stuck to the fridge for weeks, you might think it was a good idea to pick up the phone and order takeaway, right? Not in this household. Soppy food from a cardboard or plastic box doesn't interest me at all so off we go, voucher and vino in hand and hike halfway across the world of Newtown to the dim and moody pizza joint that is Doughboy.

The industrial theme is cosy and very inner city with it's exposed brick, simple lighting with pre-loved pizza tray pendants, young hipsters running the show and trademark red and white tin cans in pyramid or wallpaper format.

The first visit to this place was an impressive one. I go for the large Judd - chorizo, olive, fetta, cherry tom's, chilli, garlic and basil. Sounds like a winning combo ... and it was. The base is perfectly thin and crispy, not too much topping and a beautiful crust of minimal cheese and tomato base. Very, very good.

Mr K likes the sound of the Potato Head - chorizo, potato, caramelised onion, rosemary, ricotta, pesto and fresh basil. Aromatic, sweet, spicy and again a very good base. I think we're onto a winner here. Not just this pizza, this pizza joint! We're loving it.

Several weeks later we decide to return and give it another go. Mr safe K has the Potato Head again and I try the Quattro Funghi - oyster, shitake, field and swiss brown mushrooms with pesto and fresh rocket. Sounds like heaven for any mushroom lover but I could only identify the oyster and field 'shrooms. The other two missed the pizza boat, sadly, and the base was the sloppiest I've ever encountered. Cutlery and pizza should never be mixed, in my opinion, but here I had no choice. No light, thin and chewy base with this one I'm afraid. Despite the fact that I felt a bit deflated by the sloppiness, I'm sure we'll return sometime providing we don't get lazy and stop at our trusty pizza place just up the road.

30 King Street
Newtown 2042
9519 3330
Open 7 days
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