Petty Cash Cafe

Petty Cash Cafe


I’ve been to Petty Cash a few times now, either for coffee with the other half or breakfast on my own, each time taking the camera to snap the action. It’s one of those places that’s within walking distance from home but that little bit too far to frequent as much as I’d like. A ten minute walk is kind of pushing it when I’m hungry and want a feed immediately. Lazy I know, but living in the thick of it, that’s how I feel sometimes.




The location is a magnet for the pram brigade with Enmore Park across the road with its kiddies playground and also perfect for plane spotters as the flight path is directly overhead. You should see the other half when a plane takes off. Classic.

The Petty Cash set-up is as eclectic as they come. Mismatched cutlery and crockery, tables topped with boomerang-patterned formica, chess set and fully functioning vintage Space Invaders machine. Tea drinkers can even channel their inner-nanna with a gorgeous tea cosy. The coffee is made with gusto from milky flat white to piccolo latte to macchiato. Food-wise, it’s very much about organic produce, vegetarian and vegan-friendly food and tasty meats & snags from Leichhardt’s AC Butchery.

The first thing I ate at Petty Cash, well over a year ago now, was the don’t-mess-with-me French toast (14.9), stacked with bacon, maple syrup, strawberry and pomegranate. Holy crap this is a good’un and a definite must-try if you like a bit of salty bacon with sugary syrup.



More recently it was a catch-up with our friends and thank christ they didn’t bring a tank-sized pram as some people do. As one-year-old Benny high-chaired it, chowing on scrambled eggs, baked beans and chorizo (from mum’s and my plate of course), we got stuck into our substantially-sized breakfasts as well. The breakfast menu won’t win any awards for creativity or variety but at least it does well with what it offers. The incredibly yellow organic scrambled eggs (14.9) matched beautifully with lemon-squeezed grilled haloumi. The ubiquitous eggs benedict/florentine show their faces on the brekkie menu and it doesn’t disappoint. Eggs Florentine (14.9) – bacon, English spinach, oozing poached eggs, toast and hollandaise. Can’t say no to that.


Personally I found the breakfast menu a little conventional and went with the most unusual dish. The Mexican breakfast (14.9). This thing was delicious, even if I thought it lacked a bit of the chilli factor it was screaming out for. Sourdough toast topped with eggs scrambled with chorizo, roasted red capsicum, coriander and (supposedly) chilli. There was also a bit of cumin in there which was more present than the promised chilli I just couldn’t taste. Petty Cash, if you mention chilli, please put it in? And enough of it? Some chopped red or green chilli would have made this dish shine.

Our final plate is the Petty Cash Brekkie (14.9) – golden free range eggs (scrambled in our case), sourdough toast, tomato, haloumi and house-made beans. Filling, substantial and definitely worth returning for. Maybe I won’t let a year pass before that happens again.





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  • 68 Victoria Road
  • Marrickville 2204
  • 02 9557 2377
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