Espresso choc ripple cake

Espresso choc ripple cake

The first time I made this was way back in the early days of this site; the sixth post, in fact. All I used back then was a pocket-sized Lumix point-and-shoot camera, found an appropriately-lit possie and took the photo. I remember at the time there was a bit of promotional media going around about this cake that uses Choc Ripple biscuits.

It was late 2009, and I’m sure I had the munchies and thought I’d put my hand to the easy recipe that appears on the packet of these biscuits. No great effort, but a whole lot of tasty satisfaction.

I’ve decided to revisit the recipe as I noticed in my stats there was an influx of traffic on my variaton of the recipe, as seen here. Looking back at the photo (shown below) I automatically felt it needed to be updated.

Why stop there? Why not add a couple of things? I followed the same formula I did in 2009, where I brushed each chocolate biscuit with espresso before sandwiching a short stack with coffee-laced whipped cream.

I could see the simple recipe had more potential, so I’ve incorporated some fresh loganberries plus some of those chocolate sticks you can find in Asian supermarkets. They’re a Korean pretzel stick of sorts, just lighter, dipped in dark chocolate. Trimmed at uneven lengths, they make the perfect “cage” for my individual espresso choc ripple cakes.

What’s the whole thing like? Much like a tiramisu as the chocolate biscuits soften from sitting overnight, absorbing the moisture from the cream and espresso. There’s tartness from the fresh berries and crunch from the chocolate sticks. It’s a perfect dessert for one.

Choc ripple cake recipe

Choc ripple cake recipe

Choc ripple cake recipe

Choc ripple cake recipe

espresso choc ripple cake

makes 6


  • 250 g packet Arnott’s Choc Ripple biscuits
  • 50 ml espresso, cooled
  • 300 g cream
  • 2 tbsp caster sugar
  • 2 tbsp espresso, taken from the above amount
  • 12 x 42 g boxes Pepero Choco biscuits (each box contains 20 sticks, you need about 40 sticks for each cake)
  • 250 g fresh loganberries


Brush 24 of the choc ripple biscuits (on the flat side) with espresso. Set aside.

Place the cream into a mixing bowl with the sugar and 2 tablespoons of espresso and whisk until stiff. Using a piping bag or a spoon, apply about 2 tablespoons of the whipped cream to the flat side of the espresso-brushed biscuits. Place another biscuit on top and apply more cream, repeating the process two more times until you form a 4-layer stack of biscuits. Continue making the five remaining stacks. Spread the cream around the sides and on top of each stack, place them into a lidded container, and refrigerate overnight.

To assemble each cake, trim about an inch off each chocolate stick and gently press the longer piece onto the cakes all the way around. The off-cuts can be eaten as a snack. Fill the top of each cake with fresh berries and serve.

  • The Hungry Mum

    *faints*. Need this in my life.

  • Chiara Latini

    What a gorgeous cake! I love it!

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