Indian spiced salmon

Indian spiced salmon

I’ve been meaning to get this going for well over a year now, but things came before it and it fell by the wayside. So a big thanks to a good mate for helping reignite the idea over a few jugs of beer.

My home cooking.

Yes, everything I’ve cooked and presented on this site was cooked in my home kitchen. Cooked, plated, minimally styled and set before the camera. Pretty regular stuff for any recipe blogger. But I guess, theoretically, everything I’ve made is my home cooking.

What I’ve decided to share are the dinners I cook when I get home from work. Those ordinary meals that I knock up with the ingredients I have in the pantry, fridge or bring home that evening. Those dinners that occasionally appear on my instagram feed and not where some of my blog followers can actually try at home for themselves, should they choose to do so.

The stuff I eat eat during the week isn’t what you see that populates much of my recipe categories. I don’t have the time to prepare fabulous meals when I get home – as is the case with most of us. And when it isn’t me doing the cooking, I couldn’t care less what I’m given, despite some peoples preconceptions. Tinned beans on toast? That’s fine, serve it up. I love that stuff. Salmon from a tin or par-cooked rice from a packet? I’m ok with it. I cut corners just like the next person.

Here’s the first of a bunch of “regular” meals that I make when I get home from work. I’ve styled nothing, I’ve shot it in my kitchen or living room and I’ve given you the goods without the perfectly-placed spills and crumbs.

Heneedsfood at home.

First off the cards is my easy pan-cooked salmon in Indian spices. This can be knocked-up in half an hour; a flavour-packed plate of food that’s pretty versatile.

In an ideal world, or more organised I should say, I’d pick up my salmon from the fish markets or seafood monger. It’s cheaper that way. Lately I’ve been getting it from the supermarket where it’s already portioned and packed in trays. Not ideal, and a lot more expensive, but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered schlepping to the market.

Don’t like salmon? Use whatever fish you prefer. Personally I think an oily fish like salmon lends itself beautifully to the Indian spice mix.

And what of the spice mix? Does brand matter? Well, the thing with spice mixes is they vary from brand to brand. If I’m too lazy to make my own curry blend I’ll duck up the road and pick one up at the Fiji Market. I love their unlabelled spice mixes as they contain pieces of herbs and spices as opposed to something like Keens* that’s all powder. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Check my tips on how to vamp up Keens at the end of this recipe.

The vegetable component changes every time I make this meal. Depends what’s in the fridge, really, and what I’m in the mood for. I often pre-boil kipflers and keep them in the fridge to have on hand. They almost always get roasted, but I decided to add some sweetness by roasting some echalion onions topped with whole cumin seeds as well. Use small, regular onions if you can’t get the long ones.

Long red chillies even made it to the plate; split and roasted. They add their own sweetness, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one with a bit of heat. Or leave the seeds in if you’re game.

A leafy salad would do fine but the easiest “salad” would have to be half a baby cos lettuce. A bit of virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and drizzle with something acidic. Fresh lemon, vinegar, or in my case – some pomegranate molasses. Every pantry should have a bottle of this stuff.

There you have it. The first of hopefully many more heneedsfood at home recipes to come.

Indian spiced salmon recipe


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Indian spiced salmon
A quick and easy way to spice up your salmon.
Indian spiced salmon recipe
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Indian
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Indian
Indian spiced salmon recipe
  1. Preheat oven to 210°C.
  2. Line a tray with baking paper. Lay the kipflers, onions and chillies cut-side up on the paper. Drizzle or spray with oil, scatter cumin seeds over the onion and season all with salt and pepper. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes.
  3. As the onion and chillies cook, scatter the curry powder over a plate. Take the salmon pieces and roll them into the curry powder, pressing well onto the flesh on all sides. Put the plate of salmon, curry powder and all, into the fridge.
  4. When the onion and chilli are halfway through the cooking time, place a frying pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Drizzle in 3-4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, swirl around to spread it evenly, and carefully lay the coated salmon fillets (skin-side down if you have skin on yours) from the fridge. Allow to cook for 1 minute. Carefully turn the salmon over, turn off the heat and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Remove the tray of onion and chilli from the oven and set aside. Place pan of salmon (see notes) into the oven for 6-7 minutes to finish cooking.
  6. Meanwhile, cut the baby cos lettuce in half or quarters. Place onto the serving plates, drizzle with virgin olive oil and pomegranate molasses. Season well with salt and black pepper. Lay the roasted onion and chilli next to it, then the piece of salmon as soon as it comes to of the oven.
  7. Got fresh coriander? Then tear some over the salmon.
Recipe Notes

If your pan has a plastic handle, simply cover the handle with foil so it doesn't melt.

Using something like Keens curry powder? Feel free to vamp it up by pouring the spice powder into a bowl and crumbling several dried curry leaves and a dried bay leaf into it. Don't stop there. Add in a little dried chilli flakes, cumin seeds and mustard seeds.

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  • What a gorgeous dish! I’m all too guilty of the bland ‘salmon with lemon’ habit so this is a great inspiration for me, thanks!

  • I love this new feature in your blog! Your old recipes are amazing but the ingredients and techniques can sound a bit daunting sometimes.

  • Kristen

    I second what Gaby said. This is a great idea! Keep them coming.

  • Anita Brown

    Love this!!! Always need quick easy ideas for dinner after work. Keep Em coming;)

  • Sarah Kenney

    Same here John! A spiced protein, roasted veggies on hand and seasonal fruit land on the plate for most weeknights. Interestingly, it is that everyday fare that my college daughter says she misses the most.

  • Great concept, John. I can see this making a difference for a lot of folks out there, knowing that you can get home after a long day and knock out something elegant like this meal. I love your comments about when other people are cooking for you… I am the same – my standards are high for myself, but when others are cooking, I tell them to bring on the hot dogs, grilled cheese, or whatever. Meals are about being with people more than being about the food. (Unless I am cooking, and then I want both!)

  • Amazing. My husband adores salmon and I’m always looking for new ways to cook it. This Indian spice mix sounds divine! Thanks for the great weeknight inspiration. Yum!

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    Keep on sharing, these are the best kind of recipes. Real and delicious, from the cooks heart. Just home from work, probably stressed, sometimes does not want to cook ‘cook’, but absolutely from the heart.

  • Ozmo

    thats one corner i don’t cut .always make curry spices up in the mortar and pestle.keens seems to always work well in curried egg sangas.pomegranite molasses and orange blossom water with your zatar and baharat are ideas i got from your home cooking that have become staples in my kitchen.yeah not hard to tell i’m catching up on a lot of your posts

  • Helen (grabyourfork)

    She needs food at home too. Do you deliver? 😛 Love this new series. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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