Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

A little birdy told me about this particular Chinese eatery in Redfern, urging me to get on over there to sample the Peking Duck. Why? Apparently it’s somewhat cheaper than many places about town, and aside from that, it was my chance to finally give this Regent Street hot-spot a go.

This old relic is all about fluoro lighting, bare walls and a sliding door that threatens to jump off its rails when you grab hold of it. Glistening roast pork, ducks and sausages decorate the window; dangling over offal goodies in stainless steel trays.

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

The menu is much like any Oz-Chinese many of us have in our neighbourhoods. Noodles, stir-fry, soup and more.

A few “light snacks” are up for grabs. You know – spring rolls, chicken sweet corn soup and the good old mixed entrée. We go for gow gee steam (6) – four perfectly pleated dumplings that contain tasty mystery meat. Let’s assume it’s ground shrimp and fish.

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Peking duck at Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

And then there’s the Peking duck (44.8). It doesn’t take long for one of the aunties to unhook the duck from the window rail, deliver it to the kitchen and have sliced into pieces.

No bells or whistles here with the chef carving the bird at the table. All you get is a simple pile of meat and skin on prawn crackers, a bamboo steamer of pancakes, spring onion and hoisin, of course.

It’s a tasty exercise, and pretty filling for two.

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

Not quite sure why I was compelled to order another dish, but I did anyway. Pork spare ribs with Chin Kiang style (15.8). Their Chinglish, not mine.

When the enormous plate came out I was curious as to whether we got the right dish. It looked like a sweet & sour pork hybrid. And is that pineapple?

After questioning the lovely waitress we were assured it was what we ordered. I kind of loved it. Not a bone to be seen, the tender bits of pork are coated in a fine batter, fried, then tossed with pineapple and a deliciously sweet sauce. A little chinkiang vinegar mellows the sweetness and I’m quietly grateful that everything wasn’t coated in a gloopy sauce thickened with starch.

As if that wasn’t enough, the second course from our Peking duck hit the table. You have two choices – chow mein or sang choy bow. We went with the latter. Hacked-up bits of remaining duck, loads of water chestnuts and a bit of spice. Nothing worthy of an award.

Ok, full now.

Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant

  • Wah Fung HK BBQ Restaurant
  • 64 Regent Street
  • Redfern 2016
  • 02 9698 2898
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  • Barry Ozmo

    my kind of comfort food.yum yum

  • Sounds like a great find John. Love their Chinglish

  • Ha I’ve often wondered about this place too. And I find most Chinese pork rib dishes end up battered and deep fried. So tasty…..

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    Looks like a real treasure and worth the visit to check it out. But I love “let’s assume it’s ground shrimp and fish”. LOL, not even going to think what the alternative could be.

  • AmandaChewTown

    Refern is around the corner from work, so methinks I’ll have to try it out for lunch sometime soon

  • Daniel Fernandez

    I first discovered this place when I lived in Redfern, it was the only Chinese joint in the suburb… Then my wife and I moved to Newtown, tried all the Chinese in Newtown and to this day we keep going back to Wah Fung! Mainly for the duck (which is super cheap)… and they do amazing Stir Noodles… They are pretty famous for their Roast Pork which tends to sell out quick.

    • They definitely have a good thing going, Daniel. I know I’ll definitely go back, and now I want to try their roast pork!

  • It looks authentic and like a place I would love. We have a large Asian market here that has a rotisserie shop near the front for duck, pork, and chicken to go. Wonderful! This makes me want to take a trip…

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