Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Crispy polenta at Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

For over a decade the Fratelli empire has been providing Sydney with imported smallgoods, fresh produce and Italian fare at its Cafe Sopra eatery.

Ever since the Danks Street outlet closed its doors to relocate and fill the former Buckland pub digs in Alexandria, this pair has been paying them visits a little more frequently. Mind you, mainly to pick up fresh Iggy’s sourdough on the weekends as soon as they open.

I’d previously dined at Cafe Sopra on Bridge Street in town; the cosy basement eating space with decent Italian food offerings and an atmosphere that leaves a ringing in the ears; a combination of poor acoustics and people that can’t keep it down.

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

The menu is pretty much cloned across every Sopra outlet – Antipasti, primi, secondi, pizza etc – so something like that glorious plate of crisp polenta, mushrooms and gorgonzola cream (18) can be enjoyed wherever you choose to eat.

As for the pan-fried gnocchi (28), we’re told that’s it only at the Alexandria address that you can have it. The high price may not match the size so much, but the flavour and texture of these little darlings is something else. Spinach, peas, pancetta and goat cheese join a delicious lemon-scented sauce that works beautifully with the light dumplings.

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Some greenery came in the form of baby spinach salad (22) with burrata, roast pumpkin and pistachios.

All intentions were made to try the wood-fired pizza on another visit, but those golden fried hunks of polenta had to be consumed again. Just as good as last time.

The lamb ragù with orecchiette (22) sounded great on paper; obviously slow-cooked with tomato, chilli and rosemary, but sadly no love was applied. Watery, lifeless and none of the flavours that you’d expect from any kind of ragú. This was a “hand-me-the-salt” instance.

Things looked up with the pan-fried barramundi (28) adorned with juicy roasted cherry tomatoes. Creamy flesh – clearly freshwater barra with its earthy flavour – a little pumpkin purée, garlic crisps and fresh basil.

Considering the hits and misses, it’s still a decent choice for the neighbourhood.

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

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  • 52 Mitchell Road
  • Alexandria 2015
  • 02 8399 4777
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  • The crispy polenta looks wickedly decadent!

  • I see all that food and have to wonder – how many people were dining? 😉 Sad about the ragu. How can they get it wrong? Though actually, I have tried the ragu at Mercato and Cucina twice and both times it lacked a serious amount of salt (and I don’t like overly salty!). It’s so sad.

    That polenta just about killed me. I LOVE crispy polenta! I’m sitting here looking at a giant bowl of mushrooms cause they were on special at Harris Farms and I just can’t resist a good deal…the wheels in my head are turning…hmm….creamy mushrooms…what can I make?

    • There were more than two of us, Nagi, hence all the dishes. And I agree, how does one get a ragu wrong?

  • As soon as we are home from our trip, I will be recreating that polenta with mushrooms and creamy Gorgonzola! The pan-fried gnocchi looked pretty do-able, too. Okay,, how on earth do you ruin a ragù? Sigh…

  • Ermahgerd that pan-fried gnocchi looks GLORIOUS.

  • Barry Ozmo

    when they saw how many peeps you had maybe they did the irish thing and added more water to the ragu.hehehe. that polenta dish sure has me interested.

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