Du Liban Bakery & Roasters

Du Liban Bakery & Roasters

People sitting at Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

Warm, creamy tahini flecked with soft fava beans, a few chunks of fresh tomato, some parsley and good splodge of olive oil. This is the ful madames (8.5) – an earthy breakfast dish that’s bound to get the constitution working.

A good dunking with torn flatbread, sip of coffee, I’m in love.

Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

Here we have Du Liban Bakery & Roasters, another relatively new eatery in the heart of Marrickville’s industrial neighbourhood. I had no idea this place existed until it was spotted when looking down the side street after lunch at nearby Roastville Coffee.

“Du Liban”- French lingo for “of Lebanon”.

Kinda fitting, really, considering one of the first things you see upon entry is racks of manaqish with a variety of fillings and toppings. The French bit covers the likes of baguettes and pastries, all available to take away or eat in.

Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

Breakfast at Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

It may be in a relatively vast warehouse, but front-of-house doesn’t have an abundance of seats. A couple of communal tables inside, a few window bench seats and a handful on the footpath. I love that there’s repurposed wood almost everywhere you look – the doorframe, the shelving, tables and benches – even old bakers trays have a new lease of life as table tops.

Breakfast is a step away from the mainstream, as you can guess from the ful madames I mentioned earlier. The kareem little weekend breakfast (8.5) is a shredded omelette, of sorts. It’s delivered room temperature and served with generous slab of cream cheese and toasted baguette. Decent enough, though I’m wondering if the eggs were meant to be on the cool-side.

Coffee at Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

Breakfast at Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

The same eggs come with the Du Liban big weekend breakfast (16.5) – again on the cool-side, with baked tomato, a spiced mince and some rocking potatoes sautéed with butter, lemon and garlic. The menu does mention sausage, not mince, so perhaps it gets broken up in the pan before plating or there was some kind of mix-up. Flatbread and pickles come with it.

The savouries from the cabinet are definitely worth a try. You’ve got to love fresh-baked Lebanese bread, right? A spinach & feta fatayer (4.5) is simple in flavours, yet moist and enlivened with fresh lemon; its open-faced counterpart of fried potato & egg (5.5) also goes down a treat.

We’re yet to try the sweets, but something tells me the knefeh, almond tarts and atayef are no slouches in the flavour department. As for the coffee – blended and roasted off-site somewhere in Marrickville, it gets two thumbs up. So good we grabbed a kilo of beans to take home.

Du Liban Bakery and Roasters in Marrickville

Du Liban Bakery and Roasters

  • Du Liban Bakery and Roasters
  • 14 Chalder Street
  • Marrickville 2204
  • 02 9550 3569
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  • Interesting! Great option to escape from traditional breakfast menus.

  • What an excellent find John!

  • Oh John don’t we love Marrickville. I was here this week and took some pictures, none of which look vaguely like yours. Gorgeous, as was the food,

  • OMG. I have to go. I HAVE TO GO!! Sorry for screaming. This is a gem of a find. I am constantly on the look out for interesting breakfasts. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I am crazy about Lebanese food – well, anything Middle Eastern. I just adore the flavours SO MUCH! That potato and egg open faced tart caught my eye, as well as the mince egg breakfast. And I spy zataar flatbread! HOW GOOD IS ZAATAR!! I’m obsessed with it. I have a massive jar of that stuff!

  • AmandaChewTown

    I am starting to get a little jealous of your weekend routine. Mething Scotty and I will have to come and meet you guys there for breakfast. I’m in love with the look of that food. Like Nagi, I’m a massive fan of middle eastern food… especially for breakfast. x

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  • Have been slightly obsessed with this spot lately. So hidden but oh so good.

  • One of my favorite daytime snacks is man’oushe – and that rack filled with them made my heart sing. I was told it is a traditional breakfast food… but I find it good any time of the day. Did you try any of them? And the almond tart… I need to know…

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