Jimmy’s Recipe

Jimmy’s Recipe

Tucked away down a passage next to the Art House is this popular Malaysian eatery in The Galeries Victoria, a place I’m occasionally seen taking a weekday lunch. When it first opened several years back it was called Recipe Kuala Lumpur and despite the name change the food is as consistently good now as is was back then.




Laksa takes centre stage and is the best in Sydney according to the business owner. Is it the best? Not if you’ve had one at Malay-Chinese Takeaway, but it will leave you feeling satisfied with that warming chilli zing on the lips. I quite like the wonton noodle soup (7.3) with it’s delicious dumplings made onsite and the roti is ok if you’re lucky to get it as soon as it’s made. Otherwise it sits under foil for a couple of hours and loses it’s charm. I love the chicken curry (6) here yet the satay (2.2) won’t be the best you’ll get your teeth into.


There are a bunch of premade dishes such as lamb curry, beef rendang and sambal eggplant, all of which are quite good. Or, choose off the menu for things like chow kway teow (fried flat rice noodle), hainanese chicken rice or Malaysia’s favourite breakfast dish (and one of mine) nasi lemak (6). The Ipoh hor fun (7.5) is a simple yet delicious bowl of noodles and chicken and a few prawns plus lots of beans sprouts and garlic chives. Perfect for a cold winters day or just something to make sweat in the warmer months.

  • Jimmy’s Recipe
  • RG7, The Galeries Victoria
  • 500 George Street
  • Sydney 2000
  • 02 9267 2288
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