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I feel like shit. Thanks to that idiot on the Bankstown Line that sneezed on me, I feel like shit. First comes the scratchy throat, then watery eyes, blocked sinus, lethargy. Strange thing, however, I still have my appetite! So while I sit here and moan and sniffle over the keyboard, it gives me time to sift through my backlog of recent food photos … and in doing so I’m getting hungry.

I’ve mentioned this place before. The Hunter Connection Food Plaza. That trusy little piece of Chinatown in the CBD’s financial district. I haven’t tried them all, but one of the food vendors that I frequent for lunch quite a bit is Bangkok Wok. My first experience, last year sometime, was a definite wow experience. The pork salad – num tok (7) kind of blew me away. It was just like being back in some grotty laneway eatery in Thailand’s capital. The chilli content was sky-high and the sharp, clean flavours of lime, garlic and fish sauce really made this simple dish shine.

Repeat visits were definitely on the agenda and I’ve been grazing my way through the menu for a few weeks now. Sampling a variety of dishes that are good as well as average. The pad Thai (7.5) is not the best that I’ve come across. A little on the ordinary side. The best would be the one I fell in love with in some alley off Silom Rd in Bangkok, made on a hotplate by some weathered old woman under a strung-up piece of canvas. Sigh.

The bbq pork & noodle soup (7) is probably something my body could do with right now. Hot, flavoursome with a few tasty dumplings and lots of coriander. Yes please.

The garlic & pepper pork (7.5) is seriously garlicy and stir-fried with carrot, onion, cabbage and baby corn. The meat came a little sinewy and the intense flavours made me reach for gum as soon as I finished. Not enough to stop me coming back for more.

  • Bangkok Wok
  • F21-22 Hunter Connection Food Plaza
  • 7-13 Hunter Street
  • Sydney 2000
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