Miraku Japanese Cuisine

Miraku Japanese Cuisine
Here I go again. Back to one of my recent food haunts in what I’m now calling Chinatown-north (aka Hunter Connection Food Plaza) sampling some of the Japanese on offer in this bustling decrepid little hive. Mind you, there are two or three other Japanese places in the vicinity I’m yet to give a whirl.
Over two consecutive days I’ve been bumming my lunch break in the air-conditioned bliss at this run-down food hall. Sipping, slurping and crunching on fried prawn tails, rice, eel and steamy miso broth. It’s not much to look at, Miraku that is, just a hole in the wall with a handful of pictures of dishes, funky sumo curtain and beyond affordable prices. No arylic mock-ups of food here, thank christ.
You know the drill. Point at the picture or if you’re familiar tell them what you want, hand over the cash, take your ticket and stand back and wait. Five to ten minutes later you’re happy. Grab a table and chow down. Simplicity.
The limited choices make life a whole lot easier in the decision-making as really, all you have is several soup dishes and several rice dishes on offer. Unfussy, honest and generous. That’s what it’s all about.
The ebi-don (7.5) is a delicious bowl of fried prawns (with edible crispy tails) on rice with fried sweet brown onion, egg omelette, rice and miso soup. It’s actually not bad for the price with three generously-sized crumbed prawns. Delicioso! A rather ordinary, though not terrible, miso soup comes trailing along as well.
One of my staples and all-time favourites at any Japanese restaurant is the ever-so-tasty unagi-don (12). Powerfully-strong fillets of grilled eel, slightly sweet and salty on shredded cabbage, rice and side of radioactive-yellow pickled daikon. A damn fine omega 3 injection. I can never fault this dish. Except of course the one that gave me food poisoning and almost turned me off unagi forever at that underground place on Crown Street-north in East Sydney fifteen years ago. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse you’ll know where I’m talking about. Hmmm, now that I think about it I wouldn’t mind going back there for the sukiyaki.
I reckon I’ll be back real soon.
  • Miraku Japanese Cuisine
  • F9 Hunter Connection Food Plaza
  • 7-13 Hunter Street
  • Sydney 2000
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