Chocolateria San Churro

Chocolateria San Churro
I really am a glutton for punishment. Following our food spread down in Kingsford, Big Bro and I bussed back towards home and kept going to Glebe Point Road for a well-needed food walk-off. Conveniently, the dreaded Chocolateria San Churro can be found along here so there we were, not even an hour after lunch and dessert, stuffing our faces again with more food.
The first time I encountered churros was in Mexico City almost ten years ago, sold as street food from a portable cart and served dusted with icing sugar in a paper bag. The next time was in Madrid a couple of years ago at the famous Chocolatería San Ginés where they’ve been going strong for over a hundred years serving up these fried sticks of dough accompanied by a thick and rich hot chocolate drink/dip.
It’s taken a while, but now they seem to be becoming mainstream in Sydney and the novelty is still very strong.
We decided to mix it up a little and ordered the chocolate rocher (8.5) as well as a plate of churros (7.9). The choice of dark, milk or white chocolate is a nice, if not sickening, touch to the already highly rich thick chocolate mousse sitting on chocolate crumbs then dipped in dark chocolate. Halfway through, my body was sceaming out “ENOUGH!” Sadly, there were left-overs, an absolute rarity for me.
Big Bro liked his first-ever churros and polished them off despite the fact he was almost as bloated as me. Time to walk home, I think.
  • Chocolateria San Churro
  • 47 Glebe Point Road
  • Glebe 2037
  • 9692 0119
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