Little Malaysia – Melbourne, Australia

Little Malaysia – Melbourne, Australia

Little Malaysia, Melbourne

After being caught up in Little Bourke Street during Chinese New Year celebrations we were in hopeless need of some good (preferably Asian Malaysian) food, and for the ringing to subside in our ears caused by all the popping crackers and drums. We were in Chintown, after all, and our first plan of eating at Old Town Kopitiam fell through after they told us we had to pay $20 for them to unscrew two bottles of wine and use four of their glasses. I don’t think so, peoples.

One of us spots a big neon sign at the top of Little Bourke St, I think it read “Malaysia”, so we zone in for a closer inspection.

“Oh look, there’s Longrain” I said.

No, it was just too busy and none of us wanted to wait for a table. Tucked around the corner in Liverpool is the place we were attracted to by the neon sign. Little Malaysia.

“Yup, this looks fine.” Who cares about the drab interior and lazy Susan tables, we all needed food and that food had to have a roti attached.

Singapore mee hoon at Little Malaysia, Melbourne

The cheery greeting was very refreshing after the “I don’t give a toss” steely demeanor we just got from Old Town Kopitiam. The menu’s are distributed and I notice there’s a bunch of Chinese meals as well. It all sounds pretty good, especially once I arrived at the roti and curry section.

M goes for the Singapore mee hoon (11.8), something a bit more familiar, and after having a little taste I found there was nothing amazing about the noodle dish, being just like any I’ve tried at home in Sydney.

Rending beef at Little Malaysia, Melbourne

My choice, rendang beef (16.8), is just how it should be. Slow-cooked, rich, spicy and melt-in-the-mouth tender. Perfect with the fluffy roti I ordered with it. The others get the roti chanai (12.8), one chicken and one lamb, and both come with two large scrunched roti’s for dipping and sopping the beautiful gravies.

Nice one, Little Malaysia. Loved the curries and roti and thanks a bunch for the smiles, even at 10.30pm.

Roti chanai at Little Malaysia, Melbourne

  • Little Malaysia
  • 26 Liverpool Street
  • Melbourne 3000
  • (03)9662 1678
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