Malay-Chinese Takeaway

Malay-Chinese Takeaway

I never like to get my hopes up when I read or hear about a food establishment supposedly serving up the best of something. “Best coffee in Sydney”, “Best Sushi”, “Best Pizza.” Personal tastes vary so much so how can one persons love of something be loved by me? I am a little on the fussy-side, after all.

Not even two blocks from where I work is a place that has recently been brought to my attention. Malay-Chinese Takeaway. The name has no appeal but what it dishes up, apparently does.

“The Best Laksa in Sydney”

Pffft! Yeah right. If you’ve tried a laksa in every place you can get one in this town you can justafiably make this kind of bold and powerful claim. I doubt very much anybody has. There’s only one way to find out. And no, I haven’t tried all the laksa’s in this town.

So I decide to wear a black shirt to work today in anticipation of doing a Jackson Pollock all over myself with turmeric-tinted Malaysian soup. Lucky for us, 30¢ will buy an über-cool bib that gives sufficient chest-coverage for the over-enthused slurper amongst us. The choice of laksa’s is as varied as the next joint and about the same price structure as well. Today’s choice – prawn laksa (9.6).


“You like big prawn or little prawn?” the jovial dude blurts out to me in a thick accent.
“Little prawn”
The sceptic in me says I’d be better off with a handful of little prawns rather than two “big” prawns. Good thing I waited until 2pm to take lunch as you’re less inclined to battle it out with men in suits and ladies in killer heels for a table. Plenty empty seats to choose from at this time of day.
Down to business. The laksa. First impression was the amount of “little” prawns I found sitting amongst the noodles. At least a dozen, and they weren’t even little. Lots of the medium-sized buggers. With every sip of the creamy broth I went through my minds back-catalogue of laksa outings in this town, struggling to find one that rivalled this one.
Hold on … that seafood laksa that almost blew my head off … oh no, that was at some beaten-up place in Langkawi. I’m stumped. I’m actually about to say it. This truly was the best laksa I’ve had in Sydney, so far. Can I pinpoint why? I tried to disect the ingredients as I was tasting them to see if anything out of the ordinary jumped out. More curry flavour maybe? Something a little smoky? Not sure. All I can say is I left those two sponges of tofu until last for a change, all soaked with spicy coconut creamy goodness.
Definitely a laksa of perfection.
Returning several days later with Mr K, we had a chance to try more from the menu. The hainan chicken (8.7) came with praise from Mr K, who seems to veer towards this dish every time it appears on a menu. Moist, tender and subtle in flavour, it was all how it’s meant to be.
My curry chicken (9.5) was somewhat disappointing. Clearly slapped onto a plate with rice and microwaved, yes I heard it ‘ding’, and swimming in a sea of gravy. Tasty, nonetheless, but the arid-dry chicken breast used was really hard to swallow.
A later visit has me lunching on ayam goreng (9.5) – crispy chicken with fried rice. Not the best I’ve had and definitely not the worst.
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