Malacca Straits

Malacca Straits


I would never consider Broadway an eating destination. Not Broadway Shopping Centre … I mean that strip betweeen Glebe Point Road and Wattle Street. It’s frantic with shoppers, uni students and speeding traffic heading in all directions. What ever happened to this stretch of road becoming a leafy grand boulevard and southern city gateway as promised by a previous lord mayor? It still looks like a dirty backside to me.

Tucked away off Broadway in a large central courtyard beneath the Quadrant Apartment complex is this hidden little gem I’ve been meaning to get to for a very long time. Malacca Straits. It’s nothing special to look at but there definitely are some very special (and cheap) things to eat, though I’m not sure about including Thai on the menu.

Down to the food. First to arrive it the roti canai (10) – two pieces of roti with chicken curry and sambal sauce. Unfancy and delicious. What more can I say? And the roti was even light on the oil for the health-conscious amongst us.


The golden chicken satay (12) is tender and juicy and just like some of the stuff you get on the streets in Malaysia. It was absent of lontong so I ordered something similar – pulut panggang (8.5) – spiced glutinous rice with dried shrimp grilled in banana leaves. I was in Malaysian heaven.


As a sweet ending to our delicious lunch I just had to try the kuih ketayap (5) – pandan crepe filled with toasted coconut and palm sugar served with icecream. OMG. I wish I didn’t have to share this. The combination of hot and juicy coconut-filled crepe went beyond perfectly with the coconut milk and dark palm sugar syrup it was wading in. I almost licked the plate.


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  • 5/66 Mountain Street
  • Ultimo 2007
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