Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery


How nice would it be to not have to queue for ages just to pick up some of your favourite breads and pastries from the famed Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills? It’s an absolute shit-fight to try and nab a seat and enjoy the freshly-baked goodies as well so you have no choice but to stand on the footpath or plonk down in the gutter, feeding the ants with the flakes of pastry crumbling off your steamy pie or sausage roll.


On the other hand there’s a place just as good that offers several large outdoor tables and benches and a spacious indoor seating area with front row views into the working quarters of busy bakers pumping out the goods we all come here for. All I can say is thank god this Marrickville outlet is within walking distance of my house so I can get my fill on those orgasmic ginger brûlée tarts (4.4) and one of the flakey lamb & harissa sausage rolls (4).

This outlet, with all of its room to move, appears to be popular with the pram brigade so be prepared for a little squealing. Squealing from little people wearing disposables, that is, not this 6″4 bloke joyfully shoving a ginger brûlée tart down his gullet.



  • Bourke Street Bakery
  • 2 Mitchell Street
  • Marrickville 2204
  • 9569 3225
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