Quick goat cheese & baby beet canapé

Quick goat cheese & baby beet canapé

Goat cheese & beet canapé recipe

We recently had our next door neighbours over for a catch-up and dinner and were a little stuck on what nibbles to serve when they arrived.

So much for forward planning!

Packets of potato chips and pre-made dips are never an option in this household, so while I worked on tidying up the house and courtyard, the better half knocked together these fab little canapés he devised while shopping at the Eveleigh Markets earlier that day.

They’re simple and delicious and I just have to share them.

The best part – other than the taste – is they take very little effort and require only 5 ingredients!

Quick goat cheese & beet canapé recipe

goat cheese & baby beet canapés with balsamic glaze & micro herbs


  • 4 baby beetroot, cooked, cooled, peeled and sliced into 3mm rounds
  • 1 packet pumpernickel
  • Goat cheese, whipped until smooth (or use goat curd)
  • Balsamic glaze
  • Micro herbs


Toast the pumpernickel and arrange onto a serving platter. The bread can be cut into 4cm squares or rounds.

Top each slice with a round of beetroot and then splodge the beetroot with a little balsamic glaze.

Top this with about 1 teaspoon of whipped goat cheese.

Neatly arrange the micro herbs on top and serve immediately.

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