Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat


It’s been a few months now, I think, when I was sitting at home flicking through our freshly-delivered Gourmet Traveller magazine and came across a minuscule write-up on a Thai place in the predominantly Vietnamese restaurant populated inner west suburb of Marrickville. What made me read on was the mention of who was behind the helm of this place that was supposedly setting Marrickville on fire. It didn’t take long for me to organise a date with Mr K and The Girls and get on out and try this place run by the husband and wife duo from Spice I Am fame: Polawat Danphasukul is the kitchen master and his wife Phanissa runs the front of house.

I was wise enough to make a booking as I know how busy this part of town gets on a weekend night and on arrival we found a pumping restaurant with one empty table carrying a reserved sign. That must be us. This place was frantic! Wait staff glided between tables with plates of aromatic food teetering on their arms, takeaway customers waited patiently for their order to be announced and locals and families were happily chomping away on what looked like pretty good food.

To set the tastebuds in motion we start with a serve each of fish cakes (5.9) and curry puffs (5.9), both of which I found quite standard. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever been wowed by these dishes anywhere so other than the fish cakes being fish cakes and the curry puffs having a lovely crisp exterior and lightly-spiced potato interior, there’s nothing more to add.


While Jul’s approves of the zingy tom yum (9.9) we tuck into the delicious skewers of very garlicy grilled pork (5.9). The meat is packed with smokey charred flavour and is so tender it requires little chewing.


The lemongrass chicken (11.9) is an impressive mound of stir-fried red onion, meat, chilli and loads of crunchy and aromatic lemongrass in a rich salty and sweet sauce. The chu chee seafood (13.9) is also out to impress with its creamy collection of tender squid, fish and mussels and piquant flavour. I’ve always loved this dish and I’m glad to see they do it very well here.


The absolute winner on the table had to be the pad prik king with pork belly (15.9). When there’s pork belly on the menu I just can’t help myself and boy is it good here. The pieces of pork are stir-fried in hot curry paste until crisp along with crunchy green beans and kaffir lime leaves. This is truly a delicious combination of textures and flavours.

All in all the meal at Let’s Eat was pretty good and worthy of coming back for. Not that there are many in this town, but it’s nice to have somewhere that doesn’t water down the flavours for sensitive Westernised palates. We’ll be back!


  • Let’s Eat
  • 352 Illawarra Road
  • Marrickville 2204
  • 9558 9508
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