The Hive Bar

The Hive Bar


Sydney seems to be a city obsessed with the small bar movement. You know, that tiny place tucked away in your neighbourhood where you can hang out with mates and have a natter while sipping on a glass of vino, brew or flouncy cocktail and even a bite to eat. The 90’s was mostly about mega clubs with grunt, lasers, atittude and those steriod-injected sub-humans guarding the doors and selectively allowing certain people entry.




The much more intimate watering hole has progressively popped up here and there and just around the corner from our inner city homes. Newtown is no stranger with such venues when you have popular joints like Corridor, Madam Fling Flong, Moose Newtown, Bloodwood and this place – The Hive Bar.

It’s all very local at The Hive. Local artists have griffitied the walls with colourful murals, local boutique beers from St Peters Brewery as well as a couple from The Little Brewing Company in Port Macquarie can be had and local urbanites spill out of the bi-fold window seats of this corner bar in the heart of Erko village. Some of the grazing options include a charcuterie board, bbq red wine-marinated kangaroo skewers, mezze plates, burgers, pizza and Egyptian spiced potatoes. I’m yet to try the food, though, as our brief visit one Sunday afternoon consisted of a poorly made coffee and a very decent Wicked Elf Witbir. I do love my wheat beers.


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