The Sultan’s Table (revisited)

The Sultan’s Table (revisited)

That “No Junk Mail” sign on my letter box doesn’t seem to be working. The people that distribute this kind of rubbish are either partially blind, don’t give a shit or are twittering on their phone while they should be working and paying attention to the request on people’s my letter box. I have to admit, though, I’m a bit selective with junk mail. I can’t stand those printed catalogues from pharmacies and supermarkets yet I’m ok with a menu from some place up the road or in another neighbourhood. One such place landed its “under new management” menu into my mailbox and it had me intrigued. So much so that after work today we shlepped up to Enmore Road to try it out and once we saw what it looked like (picture a stark takeaway venue sans customers with food bubbling under heat lights) we made a split decision and crossed the road and went to The Sultan’s Table … no booking … and we actually got in. There were only three filled tables and a very empty back dining room. Apologies to the Indian place, we just weren’t in the right frame of mind for that kind of dinner.


Tonight we were having pide. Otherwise known as Turkish pizza. The pide menu is brief so it didn’t take long to decide. I choose the harem’s treat (14) – chicken, lamb, Turkish sausage, cured beef, cheese and egg. This thing really is a treat. The massive serve is damn impressive, cut up and thrown onto a plate with a simple wedge of fresh lemon to juice up the flavours a bit more. This rich and salty concoction is an absolute winner and way too much for my stomach tonight, seeing I had lunch at 3pm.

Mr K orders the kusbasili (17)- diced lamb, tomato, fresh chilli and peppers. Just a few toppings/fillings but more than enough to make you happy and slap you around the face with that chilli zing. Delicious and again, generous. The pide here at Sultan’s is serious stuff and the bread is absolute perfection.


There was a bit of space left for something sweet so we opt for a piece of baklava (2.5) and the rice pudding (5). Nothing amazing, just a little something sugary to finish the meal off before paying up and taking our box of left-over pide home for tomorrow’s lunch, or in my case … breakfast.


  • The Sultan’s Table
  • 179 Enmore Road
  • Enmore 2042
  • 9557 0229
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