Coffee Trails

Coffee Trails


Having decent coffee shops located at various places around the CBD is very important to me as I’m not keen on wasting my time getting from one end of town to the other just for a caffeine hit. I have a few pit stop favourites in the core of town but I didn’t really know of anywhere reliably good around Haymarket/Chinatown and Central, until now.




Emerging from the pedestrian tunnel under George Street at Railway Square after a delicious Uighurian lunch, we stopped in to Coffee Trails for a cuppa. I knew there was a cafe here for some time and always thought it was part of the backpackers accommodation that occupies the building. Little did I know that the coffee these guys serve up is made with precison and the artisan Brasserie Bread they use and sell can be bought online and delivered here or at your nearest listed distributor. There are some great looking sandwiches, gourmet quiches and pies and even a selection of fruit/chilli jam to take home with you.


  • Coffee Trails
  • Shop 5, 2 Lee Street
  • Sydney 2000
  • 9211 6555
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