Luxe Bakery

Luxe Bakery


I’m really loving Newtown at the moment. This is a place with a broad cross-section of locals from grungy pub folk to uni students, yuppies, goths, lesbians and gays and anything else inbetween. You could be pierced and tattooed from head to toe wearing nothing but fish-nets and a torn t-shirt and not get a second glance from passers-by, but when a man is nonchalantly walking down the street with two goats on leashes as I saw the other day, people stop and stare. Welcome to my world.

The food scene seems to be going through some kind of revolution with exciting new places opening up over the last couple of years where others have not succeeded. I guess we’re a fickle lot, us Sydneysiders. We’ll love you initially but if you don’t keep us interested we’ll move on to the next place.





One such place that has my interest at the moment is Luxe Bakery just down from the Marlborough. Externally it’s just a cute brick cottage with splashes of blue and red painted stools and a massive red heart on the side wall. Internally it’s a hive of people buzzing about the open floor trying to nab a table for breakfast or lunch or just a coffee. Sacks and crates of dried and fresh produce are piled up here and there, menu’s are scribed up on chalkboard walls and the counter is abundant with delectable pastries, sandwiches and artisan breads to have here or take home.


I’m yet to try the food but I can say the single origin coffee is pretty good, the custard tart (4.5) is divine and silky and the breads are sensational. On the last visit these two breads had to come home, one of which was sliced up immediately, grilled, garliced and topped with fresh tomatoes, sea salt flakes, basil, parmesan and virgin olive oil. Heaven.


  • Luxe Bakery
  • 195 Missenden Road
  • Newtown 2042
  • 4677 3739
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