Pappa Roti

Pappa Roti


When I first heard the name Pappa Roti I immediately thought of a Malaysian curry house. How wrong could I be. Pappa Roti is a growing empire that has just set foot on Australian shores and is already well-seasoned in Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh and Dubai. Bakeries normally have a selection of pastries, cakes or breads to purchase but this place has just one thing on the menu – the light-as-a-cloud coffee cream coated bun (2.2). Actually I tell a lie, there’s one other thing you can have and that’s a pretty decent coffee. It seems coffee and this delicious bun go hand in hand.



Kogarah is the first in line for a chain of such bakeries that will slowly begin filtering through other parts of Sydney, the second opening on 1 August in Strathfield. I’m loving the transparent set-up as well. Most bakeries have their ovens hidden away from peering eyes whereas Pappa Roti has it all out there where audiences can gather and peer through the window and watch the speedy bakers pipe thick ribbons of coffee goo on uncooked virgin buns.


So what’s the big deal with this bun? Eating one fresh out of the oven is an absolute delight, that’s what. Once you tear it open and take a bite through the sweet coffee crust and fluffy bread beneath the surface, you’re met with a warm dollop of creamy and salty margarine filling. Salty and sweet – what a perfect partnership.

After having a chat to Junda, the manager, my question of “Are there any other bun flavours in the pipeline?” the answer is “Yes”. That’s good to hear as something tells me one flavour won’t be enough for us fussy Sydneysiders.

Nice buns, guys!


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