How often is it that you go to a restaurant and say “No thanks” to the regular menu?

“Can we just have dessert?”

We decided to drop into this little family-run restaurant for a sweet ending to our dinner elsewhere. Pastabella is known for their great homemade pasta where the servings are generous, the sauces are familiar and delicious, the service is spot-on and very friendly. It doesn’t look like much from the street but once you make your way into the dimly-lit back seating area you can’t help but relax in the cosy atmosphere. We’ve been here for dinner previously so tonight we go for two favourites on the dessert menu.

The panna cotta (12) is just what you’d expect. Soft, creamy and full of tasty vanilla seeds.

The tiramisu (10) is just as soft and just as creamy and not overdone with the mascarpone; and the door-stop-sized chunk of it is enough to fill that post-dinner void. Love the occasional acoustic guitar. Nice touch.


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