R&S Satay Noodle House – Wellington, New Zealand

R&S Satay Noodle House – Wellington, New Zealand

R&S Satay Noodle House, Wellington

On my first visit to Wellington four years we sayed in two places: one was in Lower Hutt near Mr K’s sisters place and the other was at some hotel on Cuba Street in Wellington central opposite this very satay house.

I remember us crossing the street and eating here after seeing a couple of students sitting in the window chowing down on some nice-looking satay sticks. We just had to have some. I don’t remember anything else we ate but I do remember the satay was delicious and cheap.

R&S Satay Noodle House, Wellington

With the tight schedule of my Wellington On a Plate experience I relished the time we had to just chill and do what we wanted so after a wonderful lunch with Ania, Helen and I wandered and explored for a little bit before I surrendered to my big hotel bed and had a nap. I desperately needed it after our previous late night having drinks at the Hawthorn Lounge where I can say the dirty martini comes with the highest of praises. You can even toast marshmallows over the open fire! Apologies to Andrea for me dropping molten marshmallow on your purse.

The brief nana-nap I had was just enough to get my body back to relative normality and the pang of hunger I was feeling had to be satisfied. Dinner was still a whole two hours away, after all. Purely for research purposes and a touch of nostalgia I walked up to Cuba Street and took a seat in R&S Satay Noodles House.

The sprawling space is devoid of any warmth or character and that shade of blue on the walls is just like the one I had in my bedroom back in 1981. I’m loving the M&M vending machine out the front: 20¢ isn’t bad for a handful of sweets.

R&S Satay Noodle House, Wellington

I arrive at the cusp of lunch and dinner so I virtually had the entire place to myself. My craving of chicken satay sticks (9.5) was satiated when I downed a plate of delicious and tender skewers with mildly-spiced satay sauce. Not that I needed it, I went back up to order a roti chanai but was saddened when I was told the roti was not on at this time of the day. Bugger!

I sufficed with a small plate of deep-fried money bags (5) that were relatively tasty despite my disappointment. Ooh look at the time! I’d better get back to the hotel and put my hair in rollers … I’ve got a dinner to get to!

  • R&S Satay Noodle House
  • 148 Cuba Street
  • Wellington 6011
  • 04 385 1496
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