La Banette

La Banette


Until recently, I never really considered myself a lover of the sweet stuff. By recently I mean the last few years and by stuff I mean cakes, lollies, ice cream and pastries. Perhaps it comes down to growing up in a household that rarely had such things laying about or maybe when it was I just wasn’t interested. Come to think of it, even in primary school I often wondered why the other kids’ lunch boxes had chocolates and lollies tucked next to their Vegemite sandwiches when and all I had was an apple and a semi-frozen Popper next to my luncheon & salad sandwich.

Fast forward to the 21st century and I’m all wide-eyed and excitable as soon as I step into a well-stocked patisserie such as this recent addition to Glebe’s food scene.




This place is the second outlet of an apparently well-known patisserie and boulangerie over in Avalon, far far away from my neck of the woods. La Banette in Glebe is a magical place that is very easy on the eye with its French provincial decor, fresh flowers and twisted tree branches and baskets of colourful baked goodies such as mini brioche scattered with rock sugar or almonds, just like the ones in France. There’s a plethora of the sweet stuff here. Choux pastry made into delicate little éclairs or brightly iced petit fours, tiny caramelised walnut tarts (love these) or decadently ganached cakes beckoning to be bought. I love how the petit fours can be bought already boxed for $10.





It’s not all about the sweet stuff either. The little heating cabinet behind the counter holds a range of pies and sausage rolls or there are soft rolls studded with black olives and cheese or a very impressive ratatouille tart. The range of breads is damn fine as well and I can vouch for the crusty soughdough. V nice!

All that’s missing is an espresso machine and a few milk crates on the footpath, for those of us that like to linger.

Update: They do have an espresso machine now!



  • La Banette Patisserie & Boulangerie
  • 18 Glebe Point Road
  • Glebe 2037
  • 8095 9688
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