Sam Thai

Sam Thai


It’s not very often I head over The Bridge as the thought of a train in to Wynyard and then a bus for the remainder of the journey makes my patience run thin. Although when someone unexpectedly says “Do you want to go look at air-conditioners?” as they did recently, I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough.

The thought of a sixth summer in our house without air-conditioning probably would have tipped me over the edge, or I would have been spending the nights downstairs where the temperature is at least 10° cooler than the first floor. A fan in the bedroom just isn’t enough when the summer sun has heated this 150 year old terrace house to a lovely oven-like condition. 2nds World, here we come.

For what was just going to be a “look” we ended up purchasing a new air-conditioner and arranged to have it installed the following weekend. Bugger messing with shopping around, I don’t have patience for that either. As we’re finalising the payment I ask the salesman where we can get a quick bite and his suggestion was McDonald’s across the road. I actually thought he was joking. Wandering along Military Road back to Neutral Bay we end up at this little place, Sam Thai. The menu sounds decent enough and our options were running thin as many places weren’t open.


What ended up being the highlight of the meal was this – sam thai’s prawn wrap (6). Each of the king prawns is cocooned in a blend of pork mince and Thai herbs & spices then wrapped in wonton skin and deep fried. The texture of the filling is much like a Thai fish cake and is perfect finger food.


The marinated Thai style bbq pork (10.5) neck is quite good with its char-grilled smokiness, it’s very tender and flavoursome and has a side of sweet chilli and undressed side salad. I reckon a side of nam jim would have done better here.


I go for the jungle curry (14.5), that Northern Thai hot and spicy curry sharp in lemongrass and lime leaves. I choose the seafood and am asked if I’d like it hot. “Yes please”. I thought this was my final attempt to rid myself of that lingering cold I picked up on the flight home recently. A good dose of chilli fixes anything. The bowl comes out looking all delicious and colourful with bits of scored squid, fish chunks and the odd king prawn and as I go in for the first dip I’m disappointed when I barely taste any chilli. It wasn’t even mild. Does “hot” mean something else over here?

No major complaints from me. It hit the spot and it isn’t McDonald’s. That’s all that matters.

  • Sam Thai
  • Shop 21, 166-174 Military Road
  • Neutral Bay 2098
  • 9904 1668
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