Charlie & Co. Burgers

Charlie & Co. Burgers

So here I am back at Charlie & Co. Actually let me clarify. I had the I-don’t-taste chilli crab burger at Charlie & Co. down at Opera Kitchen a couple of weeks ago so coming to the one in town upstairs at Westfield is a first-time experience for me. I refused to wait 45 minutes in a queue within its first week of trading when I dropped in for a look-see and when Billy invited me for a lunch in the week leading up to Christmas, I jumped at the chance just to get away from the demanding clients I was dealing with. Even if it was for the half hour I could afford.



Arriving as late as I did, I think it was between 2.30 & 3, this burger restaurant was almost completely void of people. We grab a table and jump right in. I skimmed past the hand-crafted chilli crab burger that underwhelmed me at Opera Kitchen and fell onto the rustic chorizo classic (18) – an ensemble of smoked paprika-infused beef pattie, chorizo and fennel with soft peppers and a fried egg. Hold on, there was meant to be fennel in there? I don’t remember tasting that. The size of the actual burger is definitely enough for the average sized person and when you pair it with a massive bowl of onion rings (7) and parmesan & truffle fries (8), it’s surely sufficient.

Billy chooses the federation burger (16) – an angus beef pattie, aged cheddar, fried egg, sautéed onion and bacon in a sesame seed bun. It’s as nicely pink as mine in the centre but something tells me it’s not the best burger you’ll get your chops around. Am I missing something? There’s so much hype around this place yet somehow, for me, it just doesn’t deliver. Slow food – tick. Quality produce – tick. Decent service – tick. Amazing burgers? – hmmm.

Those parmesan truffle fries, though, outshone the rest of the meal. Nice subtle truffle flavour, nice crunch (though not as much as the ones down at the Opera House) and not bad with the aioli ($1.5) that I only discovered when it was time for me to rush back to work.

Thanks for lunch, Mr Bill x



  • Charlie & Co. Burgers
  • The Sydney Room, Level 5 Westfield Sydney
  • Corner Market Street & Castlereagh Sts
  • Sydney 2000
  • 8072 7777
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