Coffee Tea & Me

Coffee Tea & Me


It’s a valid statement when someone says you’re either a coffee drinker or a tea drinker. Without a doubt I place myself in the coffee drinking basket. I love the concept of a character-filled tea house with its ambiance and rituals but the slap of caffeine is all I’m ever really wanting. After a brief visit to the White Rabbit Teahouse in neighbouring Chippendale, I was left with a dry sensation in my mouth and absolutely no increase in blood pressure. There was only one thing that would fix this. Coffee.

Taking a wander down the main drag in Redfern is something I haven’t done for well over six years. This part of town was known for its fashion outlet stores the last time I looked and on this particular sunny afternoon I was surprised to see an evolution of sorts. It appears the Surry Hills trend-set is overflowing into Redfern.


One such place is this – Coffee tea & me – a shoebox-sized cafe that churns out nothing more than what its name suggests, plus a few artisan breakfast oat, muesli cookies and maybe even a toasted bagel. Seating is out on the footpath at a couple of peeling tables, stools recycled from bicycle seats, plywood chairs straight from the 70’s/80’s and even a makeshift table that’s actually an old ironing board. Young urbanites share the footpath with mums and dads as they stop off for a quick coffee, lapping up the last warm rays of sunshine before it disappears behind the crest of Redfern Street. The well-made Campos coffee hit the spot as did the divine Luke Avenue cookies. What a great little caf.


  • Coffee Tea & Me
  • 93b Redfern Street
  • Redfern 2016
  • 02 9008 7121
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