The Pie Tin

The Pie Tin


If someone was to ask who had a penchant for pastry I’d whip my hand up so fast I’d come close to dislocating my shoulder. I love the stuff. I don’t give a toss how much butter or lard it contains, all that matters to me is the flavour and texture and the fact that it’s generally used as a vehicle for something just as tasty.

A relative newcomer to the 2042 postcode is a place with a name that is music to my ears. The Pie Tin. Located in a warehouse that’s had multiple lives, the mere 1 kilometre between its front door and mine may pose a problem. It’s just too close.



The set-up is rustic industrial; stripped brick walls, high ceilings, metal chairs and stools, even a large central communal table that was once a trolley from the railyard. Loving the cushions made from recycled flour sacks. Just like any bakery you have all the edible wares out on display. One arm of the glass cabinets has an impressive showcase of over-sized sweet tarts and pies, the other carries a variety of heated savoury pies and rolls not long out of the oven.

Our trio takes perch at the central table and before we know it we’re tucking into one of the flakey delights from the savoury cabinet. A pie on it’s own will set you back $5.8 (including tomato sauce or gravy) but if you want to make more of a meal of it you can pay $10 and get your pie sided with salad, kumera mash, stewed beans, mushy peas or mushrooms. The classic mince pie (10) is just that – stewed minced meat in a rich and thick gravy. It’s not amazing, it’s just, delicious. And that pastry! Just the way I like it; thickish base with no floppage and a flakey top the way it should be. The beef and dark ale with potato top (10) is another winner as is its Boston baked bean side. Shame about the mushy peas, though. The sad little scoop of congealed peas is so thick and dry you could grout tiles with it. The southern style shredded pork & apple bbq sauce (5.8) is well received and my little sample of it gets the thumbs up.

As there’s generally always room for dessert my difficult decision fell on the apple & sour cherry pie (5.5) and a decent Eureka coffee made by a chirpy lady. The door-stop wedge of pie that was delivered was enough for the three of us to share despite the fact I ate most of it myself. The pastry is perfect and comparable to the one my mother makes for her apple pie and the layers of al dente apple slices dotted with sour cherries are delicious. Sweet and tart with a touch of cinnamon. A dollop of double cream is all it needs.

Next time I’m trying those chunky chips with cheese sauce.



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