Duckfest at MuMu Grill

Duckfest at MuMu Grill

How could anybody not like a duck? They’re cute when they waddle about and wiggle their tail feathers and they’re damn tasty no matter how they’re cooked. Earlier this year I was invited to MuMu Grill for a porky feast and thanks to owner/chef Craig Macindoe I was invited back for another event, this time featuring seven courses of duck to a full house of almost 100 hungry carnivores.



Arriving a little early gave Mr K and I a chance to sit at the bar and unwind from work with a couple of bevvies and nibble on fresh-out-of-the-oven duck and shiitake mushroom wellingtons. A perfect beer snack, even though I had the last drop of my brew and was onto the martinis. Before we knew it the restaurant was bustling with bodies settling at their reserved tables and we followed suit and took our own seats. I love the open kitchen at MuMu as the cooking and plating action is very much in sight.

The next round of edibles were fresh oysters with cucumber noodles, duck granita and tobiko. I was a little curious about how the “noodles” were done but they were nothing more than julienne cucumber. Tricky. And the combination of savoury duck granita and salty fish roe was great with the creamy oysters. The plump little suckers were gone as fast as they came.



One of my favourites of the night was the crispy duck breast, the next morsel to arrive. Aside from being a little heavy on the salt due to a final season by one of the floor staff, the duck was perfectly-moist inside and lightly crispy on the outer. I loved the textured mound of smoked eggplant, pomegranate, labna and fregola salad beneath the duck breast.

From beautiful Middle Eastern flavours we then went onto something a little Mexican – a soft duck taco. These little babies on soft corn blankets went down almost as fast as the oysters; a bit of avocado, some spiced salsa and tender bits of duck. Lovely.

We were more than happy to see double roasted duck cassoulet on the menu as it was something we fell in love with on the last holiday in the south of France while cruising the Canal du Midi. MuMu’s deconstructed approach to this rustic dish was a delicious one where the duck was kept separate to the rich bean stew. The Universal Cassoulet Academy may have a few things to say about it, but I loved every mouthful.


From the South of France our taste buds were taken to Southeast Asia with a red duck curry with salted duck egg and pomelo. The lightly sweet and spiced curry is another winner with generous cuts of duck and silky gravy flecked with sour pomelo. Good to see brown rice as an accomaniment rather than white.

For the 71 ducks that were used in this duckfest one could only assume the dessert of meringue a l’orange involved duck in some way. The eggs, of course. A simple meringue with a crispy crust and gooey innards served with the sharp flavours of rhubarb and fresh orange. I was almost expecting a little surprise like candied duck skin but that just may be pushing the concept, don’t you think?


hnf & co dined as guests of MuMu Grill



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