Kura Japanese Dining

Kura Japanese Dining

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many eating places there are in this little town of ours where I’ve walked past a million times and thought I’d stop to try “one of these days”. It just never seems to happen, until now. I’ve extracted the finger and finally made an effort in what I hope is the start to just slowing down and taking the time to see what I’ve been inattentively avoiding for god knows how long.




Sitting in the shadow of The Peak apartments and Market City is this minuscule corner sushi bar that’s perpetually steamed-up with bowls of udon and uni students vying for one of only fifteen seats available. A collective and comfortably audible “irasshaimase” is broadcast from the staff as you set foot in the door and thank god they don’t belt it out with that terrifying boom that many places do. A screeching “welcome” can’t be good for the digestion!



When uni students congregate in a place that sells food it generally means just one thing. It’s cheap; and if you get there before 11am, as I did on my several visits, your glutes are virtually guaranteed a resting place. Take a look at the menu card or cheap lunch specials, pay your dues to the chirpy girl and simply snap apart your disposable chopsticks and await the edibles. There’s nothing ground-breaking about the food; just honest, simple and tasty dishes from bento boxes to sashimi or a perfect antidote to this current cold weather – steaming udon soup.

The soft shell crab (5.9) is pretty good, the aburi sushi (9.8) is divine and pretty much everything I had went down a treat. Loved the deluxe udon (11.9) that’s packed with tasty accessories like prawn tempura, soft poached egg, chicken, seaweed and dancing bonito flakes.

So that’s one place ticked off my list. What’s next?



  • Kura Japanese Dining
  • Shop 2/76 Ultimo Road
  • Haymarket 2000
  • 02 9212 5661
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