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Belljar Coffee




Who would have thought that the floral plates and mugs I remember using at my aunts place back in the late 70’s would be considered vintage today, and turn up as sugar containers at a café? They may not be the same ones, but Belljar Coffee in Newtown has brought back quite a few memories of tearing around the streets of Waterloo and throwing water-bombs off a 7-storey balcony at the poor unfortunates down below.



Using recycled bits and pieces to deck out a café is nothing all that new in this town so when you look past the trio of flying ducks, vinyl padded chairs and laminate tables you find yourself in a cute little business run by the very friendly and accommodating Sam and Angela.



The menu is splashed up in chalk above the vintage wallpapered kitchen counter and features a bunch of Sonoma bread sandwiches, salads, breakfast plates and muesli. No eggs and bacon here folks. In the business of coffee they’re using Little Marionette, a locally roasted bean that’s made with gusto and precision. A very nice macchiato.

A brekkie plate (12.5) of prosciutto, avocado, tomato, toast, ricotta and mango chutney hit the spot perfectly and I was surprised at the quantity of prosciutto; there’s so much of it! Another one that made the mark was the heinz beans & cheddar toastie (7). Your choice of bread with a simple filling of beans and cheese, toasted. Frilly greens and balsamic glaze on the side and you’ll be laughing and tooting for the rest of the day. You’ve gotta love that!





  • Belljar Coffee
  • 2/104 Alice Street
  • Newtown 2042
  • 02 8096 4090
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