Bondi Cosmo

Bondi Cosmo

It’s funny how insular you can become when living in the city, and before I continue just let me state I’m talking about myself. I’ve been living in this town for almost twenty years now and I can confidently say I rarely make it to the eastern suburbs. Even when I had my car, something that was sold over a decade ago due to sitting in the garage unused, I barely drove further than a few kilometres from home. Once sold, it was easy to get used to not having one and the money saved is better spent on the mortgage and the next overseas trip.


On a very rare outing to Bondi to try the hot beef on rye, I dragged the other half out to potentially partake in the Kosher food and ended up just ordering for myself. Someone wasn’t all that hungry and just picked at a few of my chips. It was mid-morning so once we left Katzy’s we walked over to Bondi Road and ended up having lunch at Bondi Cosmo after sniffing out the cake and fruit shops in the vicinity. Yes, I had lunch about an hour after my enormous sandwich and chips so, um, let’s just say the hot beef on rye was an entrée.

Bondi Cosmo is a joint very popular with the Eastern European locals and for anyone with a penchant for wholesome Hungarian stodge like roast duck, schnitzel, goulash or anything heavy on the carbs. It’s all good stuff. No airy fairy fancy salads with micro herbs, torched fish and foams served on oh-so-yesterday slabs of slate, just humble food as the eastern bloc intended.

The lightweight ordered a heart-warming bowl of matzo dumplings (9.9) in a broth that almost equalled my mothers chicken soup. Nothing beats her chicken soup. Actually, maybe her prune dumplings trump the soup. I chose the gypsy dumplings with chorizo (15.9) and found them to be much like German spaetzle, a twisted gnocchi-like potato pastry. It was decent enough and came laden with capsicum and the odd chunk of chorizo. Had the menu description mentioned the capsicum I may have gone with another menu item. Not a huge fan.


It was completely unnecessary to order from the desserts so what we shared was for research purposes only. Oddly named sweet noodles (9.9) , what we had was more akin to paczki than a noodle. This doughnut-like pastry is impossibly soft and cloudy, filled with creamy white cheese and sour cream and a whole warm strawberry at the core. It’s slightly salty from the cheese and has a little bit of a lemon zest kick. Sweet heaven in a soft bun dusted in powdery sugar. If there’s one reason I need to get me out to Bondi Road it’s for this dessert alone. Loved it.


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