Fleetwood Macchiato

Fleetwood Macchiato


Erskineville Village has to be one of my favourite parts of town. It’s small, has the basic requirements a neighbourhood needs – post office, deli, fruit shop, cafe’s, pubs etc – and it’s never over-run with people like nearby King Street is in Newtown. Not a lot changes in the village and when it does it’s generally slow progress. When a cafe named The Kick Inside opened on the main drag I only ever got as far as having a coffee there and when I decided to drag my camera along and potentially blog it, it was gone. “You snooze, you lose”, as they say.

It didn’t take long for the small space to be filled; another cafe, different outfit, different owners, even better coffee. Fleetwood Macchiato. Yes, that’s right, a name that gets your attention and makes you think for a sec. If Thai restaurants in this town can call themselves Thai Me Up, Thaitanic and Tongue Thaied then why can’t a cafe “go their own way” in calling themselves Fleetwood Macchiato?



Cafe members Jai Pyne, Tara Byrne and David Gilfillan collectively band together and produce some sweet music of their own, pumping out some bitchin’ coffee and breakfast/lunch dishes with an ever-so-slight Central American flavour.

How could I not order my usual macchiato, right? Well, they know how it’s done here. Short extraction, muddied with a little steamed milk, down the hatch. I tell you what, the Golden Cobra bean they use definitely does a robust belly-flop on the palate. Strong, caramel, a little chocolatey. Even with a little more milk, like the piccolo or a flat white it kept its strength. Great stuff.

As for the edibles, we did breakfast on this particular visit, choosing from a short list of offerings. House-made corn tortillas (14) topped with field mushrooms, roast spring onions, poached egg and achiote butter. A squeeze of lime, some milled black pepper, I’m smiling. The tortilla del dia (9) is a Spanish-style frittata with “whatever’s good”. Todays “whatever’s good” was roasted red capsicum, adding a nice smoked sweetness to the humble frittata. Maybe tomorrow they’ll use some charred chorizo with chimichurri? Ok, I’ll let them play their own tune. Nice work, guys.



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  • 43 Erskineville Road
  • Erskineville 2043
  • 02 9557 9291
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