Napoli in Bocca

Napoli in Bocca

My quiet quest to find Motorino pizza in Sydney continues, as we venture over to Haberfield to retry a pizza house we went to quite some time ago. From memory I don’t remember it wowing me all that much but I just wanted to refresh my memory on the traditional Neapolitan pizza they pride themselves in.


Some good old house red (½ litre $8) lubes up the lips and an orgasmic fig, prosciutto & gorgonzola (15.9) got my juices flowing as we looked over the pizza menu. Oh man, that gorgonzola sauce was incredible. The other half prefers very little cheese on a pizza and chooses the caprese (19) – tomato, bocconcini, basil and olive oil. Nice clean flavours, thin crust, not too soggy, nice little dark patches on the crust but just not a “Motorino”.

I really like the toppings on my 4 stagioni (19.5) – tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, olives, mushrooms and boiled egg. Not too excessive with the toppings but not light either. This is pretty good pizza but just not the “Motorino” I’m still on the hunt for. The search continues.


  • Napoli in Bocca
  • 73 Dalhousie Street
  • Haberfield 2045
  • 02 9798 4096
  • website
  • Napoli in Bocca on Urbanspoon
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