Lynn Shanghai Cuisine

Lynn Shanghai Cuisine


Many many months ago, more like August 2011, I paid a couple of solo lunchtime visits to the then new Lynn Shanghai Cuisine. New kid on the Castlereagh Street block. It was when my body had the requirement of at least two dumpling fixes a week. I went, I ate, I took photo’s and somehow the photo’s sat in my backlog for just over a year. Some people would eventually delete them but I just let them sit and await their day. A light spring cleaning and here we have it.


I was told by the head lass at Lynn the steamed pork buns (8.8) were finer than those at Din Tai Fung. While I can’t completely agree with the biased opinion, it was still a very decent xiao long bao specimen. Nice thin skins, a little less soup than I’d have liked, but the flavour was bang on. My eyes always begin to roll when a restaurant claims to have the best of anything. “The best Shanghai cuisine in Sydney”. Let your clientele make that judgement.



One of the house specialties is the baked sesame pockets (16.8) with sauteed minced chicken, preserved vegies and pine nuts. Capsicum lovers and DIY enthusiasts can rejoice in filling the flakey pockets from the crumbly mound but I found the capsicum flavour drowned out all the other ingredients, other than the salt. Still, it’s a fun and interactive dish.

It’s difficult to not make a mess when biting into the beautiful little crispy turnip cakes (8.8). Crunchy threads of turnip join a few vegetables in the starchy and supremely delicate pastry shell. Simple flavours, yet quite tasty. The last things I tried at Lynn were the pumpkin dumplings (5.8). A trio of mochi-like dumplings, all sticky with rather sweet lotus paste innards. Love these things, but of course I do, they’re dumplings!



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