Abla’s Pastries

Abla’s Pastries


It may not look like much, in fact it’s pretty ugly, but what lays inside this concrete building has people flocking from all over town to get their fill on flakey and sticky Middle Eastern pastries. Got the midnight munchies? Yep, they’re open pretty late.




As soon as I walk in the immediate thing that hits me is air that’s dripping with the scent of sugar and rosewater. To the right is one long cabinet filled and topped with those large, round baking trays laden with a huge variety of pastries. Most things are pre-sliced so it’s as simple as requesting whatever you want, it’s weighed and boxed. Sometimes they’ll even let you try before you decide.




To the left is another long cabinet filled with Western desserts and pastries, chocolates, cellophane-wrapped gift packs, even kiddie themed sweets. Our small group grabs a few plates of pastries and sit with an average coffee whilst sampling each one of them. Admittedly there were a few hits and misses but it’s all about trying just about everything. Right?

Whether you’re here to sit and have a coffee while you down copious amounts of sugar-soaked pastry or grab a mixed box to take to a bbq, Abla’s sure is worth a schlepp to the west.




  • Abla’s Pastries
  • 48-52 Railway Parade
  • Granville 2142
  • 02 9637 8092
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