Nom Pizza

Nom Pizza


Following lunch in Marrickville recently we walked home along Victoria Road, noticing a little takeaway pizza joint on the corner of Sydenham Road before stopping in at Double Roasters to get some caffeine into our systems. The name stood out more than anything else. Nom. A buzz-word I love to hate. They weren’t open so I did a quick check on Urbanspoon and didn’t see one review on there. Must be new, I thought. A day later I caught up on reading a few blogs I follow and noticed one of them had just eaten at Nom Pizza. As I read I’m sure I held my breath for a few seconds when catching sight of the pizza. Thin Neapolitan-style, wood-fired, simple toppings and slight charred bits. Holy crap. Is this it? The closest I’ll get to Motorino pizza in Sydney?


It didn’t take long to suss them out ourselves, arriving early enough to nab one of the wooden spools out on the footpath. Nom is geared for the take-away crowd so seating comes at a premium. Get in early, I say. Less than twenty varieties grace the small menu. No drab spag bol’s, boscaiola or chicken parmy’s as you see on many suburban pizzeria menu’s. It’s just one thing at this corner take-away.



The other half goes for the potate (15). Light toppings of fior di latte, rosemary, prosciutto and paper-thin slices of potato. Simple, very tasty and a nice chewy crust. I went for one of the specialties. The vesuvio (25). Ham, salami, mushroom, buffalo fetta, oregano and garlic is placed on the base before being toped with another disc of dough and sealed at the edges. A light smear of tomato and it’s banged in the wood-fire oven until it puffs up like Mt Vesuvius, blackening as it cooks. It blows its steam and deflates when its cut, producing a pie-like pizza with a dark chewy crust and slightly soggy innards. The salami was the hero in this one.

I may not have found my beloved Motorino pizza but the crusts at Nom are the closest I’ve seen in this town.

  • Nom Pizza
  • Shop 2, 205 Victoria Road
  • Marrickville 2204
  • 02 9043 3000
  • NOM Pizza on Urbanspoon
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