Coogee to Bondi via Three Blue Ducks

Coogee to Bondi via Three Blue Ducks


One of the great things about living in this town is doing the walks that showcase the beauty of our harbour city. Spit Bridge to Manly is one of them; providing gorgeous views over Middle Harbour, through untouched natural bushland and past enviable waterfront homes. Another popular walk is of course the Coogee to Bondi Beach.




It was like any typical sunny Sydney day. Cloudless skies, cool breeze, gorgeous Sunday morning. “Let’s go for a walk.” I hear someone say. I know by now that it wasn’t a let’s-just-walk-up-the-road-to-the-shops kind of suggestion. It’s more like a let’s-walk-six-kilometres-cos-it’s-so-beautiful-outside one. We catch the bus to Coogee, weave through the morning hordes of humans and begin the schlepp. OK, to be fair, it isn’t much of a schlepp even if it is six kilometres. The scenery is as stunning as it always is. Sandy beaches, cliff-top outlooks, sun-kissed and sculpted Eastern suburbs bodies putting my pasty Inner West body to absolute shame.




Just past the halfway point you get to Bronte Beach and seeing it was just on midday (hello lunch time!) it occurred to me that we were in Three Blue Ducks territory. This breezy little cafe has been on my wish list for quite a few months now. Based on visuals it could easily blend in with any other caf in my postcode, but it’s the simple-yet-innovative food that would make any Erko cafe owner realise they’re being a bit of a slouch in the food game.

We weren’t here for a lazy lunch. I could have easily aborted the rest of our coastal walk and settled in with a bottle of vino, some food, and perhaps another bottle of grog. Instead, it was coffees to start and two plates of deliciousness, and more coffee to finish. My calamari (30) took on some Greek flavours; a slashed and grilled tube of squid slumped over pearl barley, loads of fresh parsley, chorizo and almond gazpacho. A squeeze of lemon made everything refreshingly light, which was good, as we had a little more walking to do.




The barramundi (30) was just as light; pan-seared along-side a jumble of pearl couscous, tomato and black olives, and a dollop of eggplant romesco dusted with dukkha. Crispy skin, perfectly-cooked flesh. Before heading back down the hill to continue the walk I ducked out the back to suss out the herb and vegetable garden where much of the greenery is picked each day. Great little set-up.

It wasn’t long before we passed Glamarama Tamarama Beach and ended the walk at Bondi just in time to witness the ubiquitous posers flexing their beef and having their ego’s fed by anyone that gives them attention. Ah Bondi, it’s good to see nothing much has changed here.




  • Three Blue Ducks
  • 143 Macpherson Street
  • Bronte 2024
  • 02 93890010
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