The Everest Kitchen

The Everest Kitchen


Another day. Another discount meal voucher. This time around we find ourselves in downtown Marrickville at a little Nepalese eatery called The Everest Kitchen. Ever since they opened, some two years ago now, I’d been meaning to drop by for a fill on Nepalese food. Somehow it never happened, until of course a $35 voucher offering a full meal for two came along.



Looking at the regular menu, I could see our voucher was very similar to the 4-course set menu, suggested to diners that were new to the cuisine. Much like the set menu we receive the entree set, a platter laden with a colourful array of Nepalese favourites. Steamed momo’s filled with a mixture of buffalo mince and drizzled with a spiced roasted tomato sauce. Working our way around the platter we have fried lentil dumplings, fried soya bean salad, minted yoghurt, crispy flat beaten rice, potato salad and a grilled chicken salad. It’s a celebration of textures and flavours and my favourites had to be the crunchy soya bean salad and the creamy and spicy chicken salad.



Once that was polished off we got the next line of dishes. A mild chicken curry with rice, masala pappadums, more of the potato salad, tomato salsa and a nine-bean curry. A lot of food for two people that weren’t all that hungry. But we got through most of it.


Dessert consisted of two elements. Kheer, a rice pudding laced with coconut and cardamom, and laal mohan, syrup-soaked dumplings made of flour, semolina and milk powder. These were more dense than the Indian gulab jamun I’m used to, and nowhere near as sweet.

Many more things took my fancy on the menu, such as the venison and goat curries. Looks like there’ll be a next time coming up soon.


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  • Marrickville 2204
  • 02 9569 7654
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