Orange Grove Market

Orange Grove Market

I was walking down Balmain Road in Rozelle one particular weekend after sussing out the Essential Ingredient when I noticed many people heading in the opposite direction, all pulling nanna trolleys loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables. “Is there a market around here?” I asked the other half.


Before I even finished the sentence I remembered being told some time ago about a market held in a school ground in Leichhardt. A quick Google and I learned it was just down the road. Nice one! The person that initially told me about the market said it wasn’t as good as it used to be but I’ve gotta say I’m quite happy with what I saw. It isn’t a fancy set-up with trendites strutting about with designer pooches and seagrass tote bags hanging off their shoulders; instead it’s regular folk in an almost congested array of market stalls, selling stuff from used bric-a-brac to delectable pastries made with artisanal precision.


Pasture fed this, char-grilled that, even a butcher in a trailer.


As the fabulous Kylie Kwong makes an appearance at Eveleigh Market, much-loved (and quite gorgeous) local chef Jackie M has her own stall at Orange Grove. We couldn’t resist grabbing an otak otak ($3.5) each. Spiced ground fish wrapped in banana leaf and char-grilled. Delicious stuff, even if they had been a bit on the cold side.

As much as I love Eveleigh Market with its pooches, Inner Westies and fab food, I kind of wish Orange Grove was a bit closer to home as well.


  • Orange Grove Market
  • Corner Perry Street & Balmain Road
  • Orange Grove Public School
  • Leichhardt 2040
  • 02 9999 2226
  • Every Saturday 8am-1pm
  • facebook
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