Bangkok Snap

Bangkok Snap


It was a very, very wet Australia Day long weekend when we just couldn’t take staying indoors any longer. There’s only so much television, internet and working on the blog I can take so I suggested we hit the trains and venture to a suburb that rarely sees us. Strathfield. Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese are the predominant flavours of this Inner West suburb, but were weren’t there for any of that. And why not add more blog work by trying somewhere new?



Down on the corner of The Boulevarde and Redmyre Road, also two doors down from Bagan, is this modern-looking Thai eatery called Bangkok Snap. If anyone’s heard of the Chilli Jam Thai Restaurants in Concord, Parramatta and Gladesville, think of this snappy eatery in Strathfield as cousin #1. You’ll find snappy cousin #2 in Northmead. Got it? OK then.

One thing I noticed, and liked, as soon as I opened the menu was the slight presence of Thai street-style food. This is a good thing for me as there are only so many green curries, fish cakes and pad thai’s I can handle. Yes the pre-mentioned dishes may make it to the Bangkok Snap menu pages but I skimmed past them as I do at any Thai eatery.

It was unfortunate that there were only two mouths and stomachs at our table as I wanted to try much more than you’ll see here. Sai grog issan (10.9) were a must and I’ve got to say I prefer these over the ones I’ve had at House numerous times. These slightly sour sausages are much more moist and quite fluffy on the inside with a hell of a lot of garlic and impaled with a skewer for easy attacking.

The yum hoy nang rom (10.9) was another plate of deliciousness I didn’t regret ordering. Half a dozen Sydney rock oysters virtually hidden beneath a flurry of lemongrass, red onion, coriander, mild chilli and mint. The massive oysters are creamy, briny and perfectly matched with the added lime dressing.



Moo yang (12.9) is always a favourite. Tender chunks of juicy and slightly fatty marinated pork, char-grilled and served with a very mild nam jim jaw (jaew). For the price, this was a huge portion and an absolute winner, despite the lack of chilli.

I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh spring rolls (9.9) in a Thai restaurant before and it was the mention of pork sausage and crab that piqued my curiosity. The skins are much like the ones you wrap Peking duck in and inside is a jumble of bean sprouts, pork sausage, tofu and crab meat. Yes the crab’s texture is just like the stuff from a tin but overall it’s pretty decent, even if the sweet tamarind sauce dominated all the other flavours.

Once finished, I still had a hankering for something sweet and for the table to be cleared after about fifteen minutes had passed. Strangely the two girls running the floor were sat at a table having their own lunch, preoccupied and only getting up when someone wanted to pay or the kitchen called for food delivery. I helped myself to the dessert menu, a choice of four dishes, and ordered a couple of them. Coconut ice cream with sticky rice (5.9) was pretty standard. Basically vanilla ice cream topped with coconut cream and some fairly dry sticky rice. My lod chong (5.9) was a little more interesting. Boiled pandan noodles drowned in sweet coconut milk and ice cubes to cool it all down. Quite soupy but refreshing all ’round.

With the rain still bucketing outside, it was a very soppy and wet journey home.



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  • Strathfield 2135
  • 02 9746 6817
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