Warwick Farm Trackside Markets

Warwick Farm Trackside Markets


It was during breakfast with friends that I’d first learned of these markets; positioned on the grounds of Warwick Farm Racecourse. Warwick Farm always seemed far far away from my little Erko abode and had you asked me to pinpoint the suburb on a map I’d have struggled to locate it. “Somewhere out west” I’d say.


I was planning to head down to Eveleigh Market after brekkie to grab a few things but when we were given the offer of a lift to Warwick Farm market I asked if we could just swing by home to grab the camera. Another market for my list!



Unlike Eveleigh, these markets are quieter, dog and hipster-free and really well priced. There’s more of a fresh seasonal produce focus with the occasional vendor selling seafood, smoked meats, baked goods and household items. Oh, can’t fail to mention the gözleme ladies, the ones that seem to reside at just about any market or event in Sydney.



Free-range eggs, fresh flowers, coffee from up-state and some wickedly delicious handmade Chinese dumplings loaded with garlic chives and pork ($6). It was at these markets that I saw Russian garlic for the first time. A very large variety where each clove is almost the same size as a tennis ball.

This may not be my local market, but I wouldn’t hesitate in returning again to stock up on inexpensive produce. Or perhaps for another hit of those glorious dumplings.


  • Warwick Farm Trackside Markets
  • Warwick Farm Racecourse
  • Governor Macquarie Drive
  • Warwick Farm 2170
  • 0419 142 822
  • Every Saturday 8am-12pm; on race days market hours are 7am-11am
  • website
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