Spicciatevi Cafe

Spicciatevi Cafe

For the handful of times I’ve ducked down to Rockdale I’ve often found myself at this little family business. Spicciatevi may just look like a beaten-up takeaway next to Rockdale train station but it’s the familiar style of food that makes me stop by, even if it is infrequent. The guy that runs the show may be Croatian, I think, as I understand most of the non-English words that he speaks. Perhaps Serbian or Bosnian? Who cares, right.

A couple of tables perch unevenly on the brick pavement and a purpose-built alcove, of sorts, sits adjacent to the main shop, packed with as many tables that will fit comfortably. The very brief menu reads as any Croatian/Balkan menu does, covering a bunch of grilled meats and seafood, including a big breakfast under $10.

Order the lovačka pljeskavica (15) and you can probably watch it being made from scratch. A delicious patty of seasoned mince is rolled to a large disc between sheets of cling wrap before being topped with shredded ham, sliced mushrooms and cheese. The disc is then folded into a semi-circle and sealed, then grilled. The outcome, a nicely-charred meat parcel oozing with cheese and savoury flavours. Traditionally, grilled meats such as this are served with thinly sliced onion, a dollop of sour cream and lepinja.

Some tasty, yet simple, veal shish kebabs (12.8) come with the same kind of set-up, as do the čevapi (7.5) . Don’t know what čevapi is? Think of it as a skinless pork & veal sausage seasoned with paprika and garlic. I adore them but sadly the ones here at Spicciatevi are a little on the dry-side. Some extra sour cream fixes that, however.

I haven’t had a coffee here, as yet, as I always end up across the way at Swallow Coffee Traders. Fantastic coffee.

  • Spicciatevi Cafe
  • 4 Tramway Arcade
  • Rockdale 2216
  • 02 9599 8744
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